Nov 14 – Dec 11 2020
Tam-Awan Gallery
Exhibit for a cause

Tam-awan Village Artists’ Group and other invited participating artists are reaching out a helping hand through this art exhibit to lend quality to the lives of Ayonna Cawang and Ann Soliman.
From birth, Ayonna, daughter of Tam-awan artist, Eden Cawang, has suffered from a liver condition known as neonatal cholestasis as well as biliary atresia. She continues to grow under her mother’s careful watch while undergoing monthly medication to help her continue to thrive. We all would love to see her grow stronger and flourish in this world.
Ann Soliman, mother of Tam-awan artist Lourice Rafael, is a wonderful hardworking woman battling Stage 2 cervical cancer with her family by her side. She will need to undergo chemotherapy and a major operation to be able to spend more time with the family she loves and who love her dearly.

We artists stand by Ayonna Cawang and Ann Soliman and support their goals of having better quality lives. Sales that we generate from our donated art works will be given to these two wonderful people to cover their medical expenses.

With your help and support, we will be able to help Ayonna and Ann have many more wonderful years of loving and living starting today.