” Sometimes, when looking at art, asking too many questions only proves to be a distraction. so, I do not try to explain my work to anyone. I simply ask people to view it and see how it makes them feel.”

Randy J. Nimer

Randy Nimer is a prolific photographer who turns his photographs into pieces of art. His subjects vary from landscapes and portraits depicting everyday scenery to curious portraits of ordinary people.



I just want to travel, take pictures, drink beer or coffee and be happy.

Originally from Pozorrubio, Pangasinan where he has a studio and clinic, Nimer’s art flourished in the City making him a part of the roster of talent, Tam – Awan Village harnesses

The eye of Nimer is dedicated to finding the perfect angles and scenes to put into his canvas of art for the audience to appreciate. Classic scenes come from his lenses transported into a canvas of beauty, art and culture.

Taking pictures, for me, is looking with the heart to see something else that is invisible. No matter the subject is, the emotion felt is all that matters.


10th TIAF Grand Canao 2020
SM Baguio Narpuan July 2019
9th TIAF Flavours of the Philippines, SM Baguio May 2019
San Juan La Union Pagwanawanan Sept 2018
Tam-awan Village Groupshow August 2017
8th TIAF Keeping the Stone Rolling May 2017
PITIK 2 man show with Resty Lopez 2013
TIAF Jewels of the Cordillera 2013
Tapestry of Lives Singapore-TVA Group show May 2012
Tawid: Ayala Museum TVA -Group show March 2012
Paradiso Beach Resort Samara Aringay La Union Nov 27 ’10-Jan 31, 2011
TIAF Weaving through the arts TVA Group show May 2011
Bulul festival
Rice festival
  May 2010
Dos bravos 2 man show in village 2010
Manila art 2010 TVA Group show July 29-Aug 1, 2010
Ayala Museum I TVA Group show Feb, 2010
Ayala Museum II TVA Group show  
Orehouse TVA Group show 2009
Manila art 2009 TVA Group show July 2009
Manor Hotel TVA Groupshow Nov 7, 2009
Tangay-tangayed Tamawan village 2009
Music for the eyes Tamawan village 2008
Tam-awan Village KULORISTA 3 July 7, 2007
Maryknoll Sanctuary PARAISO June 20, 2007
Tam-awan Village KULORISTA 2 June 24, 2006
Tam-awan Village KULORISTA 1 2005
Fourplay Sanguniang Bayan Hall
Pozorrubio Pangasinan
My 3rd eye Pozorrubio 2004
A 2nd look Pozorrubio Multipurpose Hall 2000
Tangay-tangay Pozorrubio 1998


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