Jordan Mang-osan is an Igorot from the Cordilleras who draws inspiration from the rich cultural traditions of the Mt. Provinces where he hails.
Mang-osan started with his journey with the arts at the age of 19 with pieces depicting Cordilleran subjects using raw indigenous materials on acrylic on canvas, mixed media, pyrography and solar drawing on various surfaces such as handmade paper and wooden panel.
In 1996, he started to help build Tam –Awan Village and Chanum Foudation standing as one of its founders with the aim to create an artist village in the midst of Baguio City which will feature the culture and way of life of the highlands.
At present he is now the president of Chanum Foundation and heads the Tam – Awan Village Artists armed with the mission to bring art to a larger audience as well as become a haven for budding artists all over the region and the country.
Mang-osan stays with his family at Bayabas Pico, La Trinidad, Benguet, where he grew up and still creates his unique art pieces while joyously taking care of his first grandson.


Oct 2007 Top 10, Philippine Regional Art Award 2007
National Museum, Manila
Nov 2005 Finalist, Phillip Morris Philippine Art Awards
National Museum, Manila
Nov 2002 First Prize, Cordillera Ecological Painting Competition
Baguio City
Dec 1999 Special Recognition in the Department of Tourism,
Field of Arts & Culture, Baguio City
Sep 1999 Nominated to the 1999 Annual Search
for Baguio City’s Outstanding Citizens
Apr 1997 Special Recognition for Arts & Culture
50th Anniversary of the Baguio Midland Courier
Jun 1994 Special Recognition for Arts & Culture
44th Foundation Day of La Trinidad
Sep 1993 Outstanding Artist
84th Anniversary of Baguio City’s Charter Day
Apr 1981 Artist of the Year, Pico Elementary School
La Trinidad, Benguet



Apr 2012 Pyrography and Solar Drawing
Tam-awan Village
Apr 2011 Best of Manny Pacquiao
Health 100 Gym
Oct 2007 Rituals of the Igorot
Pasilyo Victorio Edades CCP, Pasay City
Mar 2005 Solar Painting II
Hotel Tepeyec, Baguio City
Nov 2004 One Man Show
Tam-awan Village Gallery, Baguio City
Sep 2003 Motifs and Images
Tam-awan Village Gallery, Baguio City



>Mar 2013 Kalasag: Return to the Native Land
Tam-awan Village, Baguio City
Feb 2013 Kalasag A Four man-show
Ayala Museum
2011 Tam-awan Group Exhibit
CAP Building, Camp John Hay, Baguio City
Jun 2011 Four Folds
Nova Arts Gallery, Makati City
Apr 2011 Shades of Sepia
Tam-awan Village Gallery, Baguio City
Mar 2011 Leaf Over Canvas
Paradiso Resort, Aringay, La Union


2011 PRO-COR and Tam-awan Village
Art work shop (facilitator)
Kapangan , Benguet
  PRO-COR and Tam-awan Village
Art work shop (facilitator)
Bokod, Benguet
May 2011 Demo on Solar Drawing,
2nd Tam-awan International Arts Festival
Baguio City
May 2010 Demo on Solar Drawing
Baguio City National High School
Baguio City
2009 Dep-Ed Arts Festival (Facilitator) Teachers Camp
Jun 2007 Japanese Potter Workshop (Participant) Tam-awan Village


May 2013 4th TIAF (Jewels of the Cordillera) Tam-awan Village, Baguio City
May 2012 3rd TIAF(Weaving Through The Arts) Tam-awan Village, Baguio City
2011 Tsunami Experience (Japan Tradegy) Singapore
May 2011 2nd TIAF(Weaving Through The Arts) Tam-awan Village, Baguio City
May 2010 Tam-awan International Arts Festival
(Preserving the gift of faith)
Tam-awan Village, Baguio City
May 2006 Observing Artist to the Raven
International Arts Festival,
Hundred-Pace Viper and the Ocean Program
Khoushlung, Taiwan
Oct 1995 Environmental Arts Festival Seoul, South Korea
Sep 1995 Puyo Arts Festival Puyo, South Korea
Aug 1995 Dot Seom Biennale Masan City, South Korea
July 1995 The International Nature Arts Exhibit and Symposium Kong-ju City, South Korea
July 1994 Tribal Arts Exhibit and Performance Tokyo, Japan
Dec 1993 Launching of the World Indigenous People United Nation, New York, USA