There are moments when an experience recognized itself and becomes external, when illusion response is converted and nod “yes” to a reality.
It is within this constant shift between ambiguity and clarity that I make art and struggle to find a universal truth that is seeable.
Aniversario and his evolve together, touching many levels of experience and often springing from a biblical base.
The unforeseeable and technical skill must be wed to free the meaning by the use of color, form and material.
Aniversario is artist from Mountain Province but was born and raised in Baguio City.
Many of his images have been generated through an intimacy with the tribal environment and its biblical realities.
The act of turning toward and away from a source simultaneously, the competing forces of dark and light as shifting pairs of opposites, and the tenuous balance within chaos are motifs which he continues to explore, often through a whimsical eye.


Wood Sculpture
Horn Sculpture
Brass Sculpture
Tribal Jewelries
Mixed Media Art
Rattan Weaving


2013 Exhibit by Clinton Tam-awan Village
  4th TIAF (Jewels of the Cordillera) Tam-awan Village
2012 3RD TIAF (Brewing with Arts) Tam-awan Village
2011 Man made Tam-awan Village
2010 Innovation III Ayala Museum
  Hope After Crisis Singapore
  Tiaf Installation Art Weaving through the Arts Tam-awan Village
2010 Tradition Motivation II Ayala Museum
  Exhibit for a cause (One Man Show) Honey in the Rock,Baguio City
2008 Translations Tam-awan Village Gallery, Baguio City
  Group Show Tam-awan Village Gallery Baguio City
  Group Show Oarhouse Malate, Metro Manila
  Kulorista Tam-awan Village Gallery, Baguio City
  Group Show Heritage Festival Dumaguete , Negros Occidental
  Salipawpaw ng Kamalayan Tam-awan Village, Baguio City
  Ani ng Sining: Art in Public Spaces, Coffee Festival Art Installations Tam-awan Village, Baguio City
  Ani ng Sining: Art in Public Spaces, Coffee Festival, Woodcarving Workshop Facilitator Tam-awan Village, Baguio City
2007 Tam-awan Village Artists Group Show Tam-awan Village, Bagui o City
2006 “Touch Move” (One Man Show) Maryknoll Sanctuary Gallery, Baguio City
2004 Brush and Chisels Honey on the Rocks, Baguio City