Clinton Aniversarion considers his body of work as intimate explorations of his indigenous roots and his Christian beliefs.

Clinton Aniversario

 His straddling of both worldviews is found in his diverse work that spans different media including painting, sculpture, digital photography, and installation. Central to most of his paintings are figurative representations of indigenous persons rendered in pointillist strokes and surrounded by geometric indigenous iconography. The alarming contrast in both figurations and symbolisms are also applied on his woodwork relief. Often, as he resorts to natural woodgrain color, the distinctions and layers intricately overlap and verge on abstractions in his wooden sculptures.


Aniversario’s breadth of art practice is owned to the family business, a craft souvenir, antiques, and furniture shop in Tuba, Benguet that opened in the 1990s.

He co-managed the shop in 2000 before converting it into the Aniversario Art Gallery in 2018. The current space is both a whimsical shop and an art studio where he works non-stop, deciding to make work based on what’s clearing out on the shelf: a painting, a piece of furniture, a sculpture, or an outdoor installation.

Raised in Baguio City where he trained as a medical technologist, Aniversario consequently decided to pursue his art practice. He has had several solo and group exhibitions n Baguio City and in Metro Manila including the Tam-awan Village, Victor Orteyza Community Art Space (VOCAS), Art Cube Gallery, Gallery Anna, The Oarhouse, and the Ayala Museum. His works have also been shown in Singapore and at the Gangwon Art Fair in South Korea in 2016.


Wood Sculpture
Horn Sculpture
Brass Sculpture
Tribal Jewelries
Mixed Media Art
Rattan Weaving


2020 Harinuman (Exhibit for a Cause) Tam-awan Villlage, Baguio City
2019 Ibagiw creative art festival Baguio Heritage Hill and Park,Baguio City
Bin-nadang Di Kordilyera Artist Space, Ayala Museum, Makati City
2018 Tam-awan @20 The Bellevue Hotel, Alabang, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila
2017 Flowing Land Taebaek South Korea Art Residency
Gangwon Art Fair South Korea
Group Show Gallery Anna, SM Megamall
Tam-awan international art festival group show Tam-awan Village
Unvieling of CICM Sculptures Baguio Cathedral, Baguio City
2016 Art Residency South Korea (2 Months) of paintings, sculpture and photography
8 Photo Exhibit Group Show Different Galleries for 10 months
Group Show VOCAS, La Azotea Bldg., Upper Session, Baguio City
2015 Babylon Zoo Wines and Spirit Art Cube Gallery, Ayala, Makati City
Rubber Cut Group Show NCCA Gallery, Intramuros, Manila
HIM: One Man Show Tam-awan Village, Baguoi City
Kalayaan Kikans Resto, Gov. Pack Rd, Baguio City
2014 Without Borders VOCAS, La Azotea Bldg., Upper Session, Baguio City
Hiram na Talento Forest Lodge, Baguio City
New Year Exhibit: Year of the Horse
Mellow Drama Baguio-Benguet Group show Baguio-Benguet Museum
2013 Exhibit by Clinton Tam-awan Village
4th TIAF (Jewels of the Cordillera) Tam-awan Village
2012 3RD TIAF (Brewing with Arts) Tam-awan Village
2011 Man made Tam-awan Village
2010 Innovation III Ayala Museum
Hope After Crisis Singapore
Tiaf Installation Art Weaving through the Arts Tam-awan Village
2010 Tradition Motivation II Ayala Museum
Exhibit for a cause (One Man Show) Honey in the Rock,Baguio City
2008 Translations Tam-awan Village Gallery, Baguio City
Group Show Tam-awan Village Gallery Baguio City
Group Show Oarhouse Malate, Metro Manila
Kulorista Tam-awan Village Gallery, Baguio City
Group Show Heritage Festival Dumaguete , Negros Occidental
Salipawpaw ng Kamalayan Tam-awan Village, Baguio City
Ani ng Sining: Art in Public Spaces, Coffee Festival Art Installations Tam-awan Village, Baguio City
Ani ng Sining: Art in Public Spaces, Coffee Festival, Woodcarving Workshop Facilitator Tam-awan Village, Baguio City
2007 Tam-awan Village Artists Group Show Tam-awan Village, Bagui o City
2006 “Touch Move” (One Man Show) Maryknoll Sanctuary Gallery, Baguio City
2004 Brush and Chisels Honey on the Rocks, Baguio City


2019 Champion: Ibagiw Creative City on the Spot Sculpture Contest Heritage Hill and Park (Old Diplomat Hotel), Baguio City
2017 CICM Sculpture Baguio Cathedral ground, Baguiol City
2016 Winner of Kore Art Residency
STABOSA Artist (First Philippines Biggest Mural) STABOSA, Km3 La Trinidad Benguet
2013 1st Price La Union Bamboo Sculpture Contest La Union
2010 Semifinalist Metrobank Sculpture Contest