The greatest hurdle for an artist is to find a style, a distinctive mark to define him as an individual.

Alfred Dato

Alfonso Dato takes advantage of being an artist is to interact with fellow artists, to be with people with the same interests and passion he has taking it as a chance to exchange ideas, insights and thoughts.
Alfonso Dato wants to be known as an artist in through his art, not in the awards received but in a collage of his actual life work.
Born in Tayug, Pangasinan, he entered the Tam-awan village Artist circle in 2005 through an invitation to join one of the exhibits.
Dato loves all of his works, treating them as compositions, coming from his own thoughts and interpretations.
His favorite subjects come from ordinary things, events and people which he interprets on his own to making them masterpieces.
The natural beauty of his surroundings, people and places become his inspiration to create art.

Alfred Dato’s




2011 Subok Lang Tam-awan Village


2013 4th TIAF (Jewels of the Cordillera) Tam-awan Village
2012 Tapestry of Life Singapore
2012 3rd TIAF (Brewing with Arts) Tam-awan Village
2011 2nd TIAF (Weaving through the Arts) Tam-awan Village
2010 1st TIAF (Preserving the Gift of Faith) Convention Center , Baguio City


2011 Tam-awan Group Exhibit CAP BLDG. CJH, Baguio City
  Leaf Over Canvas Paradiso Resort, Aringay La Union
  Ga-Eb Ayala Museum, Makati City
  Manila Art  
2010 Tradition & Innovation II Artist Space, Ayala Museum
  3-Man Show Tam-awan Village Gallery
2009 Bul-ul Festival Tam-awan Village Gallery
  Water is Life The Manor, CJH, Baguio City
  Art Manila —–
  Deconative The French Corner, Ayala Alabang
  Tradition & Innovation I Artist Space, Ayala Museum
2008 Group Show Heritage Festival, Dumaguete City
  Coffee Festival Tam-awan Village Gallery
2007 Dap-ay sa Banglos (Art Nature Community) Cultural Center of the Philippines
  Group Show Tam-awan Village, Baguio City
  Rice Arts Festival Tam-awan Village, Baguio City
2006 Wow Philippines (Delphic Society) Baguio Convention Center, Baguio City
  Color in the Mist Baguio Country Club, Baguio City
  Year of the Dog Tam-awan Village, Baguio City
2005 Sabangan ti Cordillera Grandpa’s Inn, Vigan City, Illocos Sur
  Brother’s in Art Tam-awan Village, Baguio City
  D’ Kapetinative Cordillera Café, Quezon City
  Christmas Riot Tam-awan Village, Baguio City
  Magkasalungat Tam-awan Village, Baguio City
  Art Break Tam-awan Village, Baguio City
  Small Works (Group Show) Tam-awan Village, Baguio City
1996 Panaspulan La, Trinidad, Benguet
1995 Abe Abe Tarlac Museum, Tarlac City