Dato has a preference for social realism but does not keep him from producing images and landscapes of Baguio City.

Alfonso “Ponso” Dato

Dato views everything them from a fresh vintage, by giving his subjects a new spin, he invites viewers to give familiar and ordinary scenes a second look and see the beauty that often eludes them.

Alfonso got interested in art after high school and remembers being fascinated and inspired by Juan Luna’s “Spolarium.”

Alfonso joined his first group show with the Baguio Arts Guild in early 1990s and his first solo at the Tarlac Museum in 1995.

He become part of the Tam-awan Village Artists (TVA) in 2000. He held workshops in basic art techniques to elementary and high school students in different parts of the country such as Ilocos Sur, Benguet, Mountain Province, Romblon and Misamis Occidental.

His works reflects nuance of how he processes events in his immediate environment, and society, in general.

Alfonso Dato’s


Group Exhibits

2020 Ibagiw 2020: Interlink Convention Center Baguio City
  Harinuman: Exhibit for a cause Ugnayan Gallery, Tam-awan Village
  Ibarawid Main Gallery, Tam-awan Village
  Iparawid Main Gallery, Tam-awan Village
  Panag-imbag Main Gallery, Tam-awan Village
Cultiverse R Gallery
  Year of the Metal Rat Main Gallery, Tam-awan Village
2019 Creative City Old Diplomat Hotel
  Narpuan Basement SM Baguio
  Bin-nadang Di Kordilyera Artist Space, Ayala Museaum, Makati City
2018 Tam-awan@20 The Bellevue, Alabang, Muntinlupa, Metro Manila
  Tam-awan@20 Artist Space, Ayala Museum, Makati City
  Connections & Intersections Anniversary De La Salle University, Malate, Metro Manila
2017 Dark Rainbow: Two Man Show Tam-awan Village Main Gallery
Sirib Ayala Museum
  Miss Universe Baguio Country Club
2016 Tavid NCCA Building, Intramuros, M.M.
  Aramid II Ayala Museum
  Grand Pass Inn Vigan, Ilocos Sur
  Strawberry Festival La Trinindad, Benguet
2015 TVA Group Show Ayala Museum
  TVA Group Show Art Center, SM Megamall
  Aramid SM, Baguio CIty
  Rubber Cut NCCA Gallery, Intramuros, M.M.
2014 Ritual GSIS Bldg. Metro Manila
PAMANA University of Baguio
2013 4th TIAF – “Jewels of the Cordillera” Tam-awan Village, Baguio City
2012 3rd TIAF – “Brewing with Arts” Tam-awan Village, Baguio City
2012 Group Show Tam-awan Village, Baguio City
2011 Manilart’11  
2009 Manilart’09 Tent City, Taguig
2009 Manilart’09 Tent City, Taguig
2009 Bul-ul Festival Tam-awan Village, Baguio City
Tradition & Innovation Ayala, Metro Manila
Art Manila The Fort, Taguig city
2008 Group Show Heritage Festival, Dumaguete City
Group Show Tam-awan Village, Baguio City
Group Show Oarhouse Malate, Metro Manila
Saba-Sabali II Tam-awan Village, Baguio City
One by One Espasyo Siningdikato, Cavite City
Coffee Festival Tam-awan Village, Baguio City
2007 Rice Arts Festival Tam-awan Village, Baguio City
2006 Colors in the Mist Baguio Country Club, Baguio City
WOW Philippines (Delphic Society) Baguio Convention Center, Baguio City
In Session Breathing Space, Baguio City
Year of the Dog Tam-awan Village, Baguio City
2005 D’ Kapetimative Cordillera Café, Quezon City
Christmas Riot Tam-awan Village, Baguio City
Magkasalungat Tam-awan Village, Baguio City
Art Break Tam-awan Village, Baguio City
1996 Panaspulan La, Trinidad, Benguet
1995 Abe Abe Tarlac Museum, Tarlac City
Art Manila Manila
One Man Show Tarlac Museum, Tarlac City
1994 Art Manila ‘ 94
Group Show, Buyon-buyon Convention Center, Baguio City