During the years when the entire City of Baguio was still grazing land for large herds of cattle, Pinsao, location of the Tam-awan Village was one vast pastureland. A spring beside Tam-awan is the source of a body of water that once served as a watering hole for cattle. Thus, the place became associated with chanum, which in Ibaloi, means water. Adopting the name to symbolize its vision, Chanum Foundation, Inc. views its role to be as nurturing and life-giving as the spring in Tam-awan Village.

More than a showcase of indigenous craftsmanship, the foundation envisions the Tam-awan Village as an ideal venue for art and cultural activities aimed to enhance the appreciation of Cordillera life, its culture and its history. This is by raising awareness and appreciation of Cordillera culture, preserving Cordillera heritage and promoting cultural and economic empowerment in the Cordilleras.



  1. Promote community awareness on the intergenerational responsibility of the people to preserve and conserve our patrimony, the environment and our cultural heritage;
  2. To promote awareness and respect and sustain various indigenous customs; cultural heritage; and the arts in the Philippines particularly the Cordillera;
  3. To demonstrate, research and train farmers on the use of traditional organic farming methods in the Cordillera;
  4. Do research and provide for a venue for workshops and seminars on sustainable development and management of the environment consistent with Cordillera’s cultural heritage;
  5. To provide access to education and scholarship programs to deserving students specially to members of indigenous cultural communities;
  6. Establish; manage, operate, and maintain special interest resorts; demonstration villages; or living museum which will showcase the customary and cultural heritage in the Cordillera.
  7. To use the foundation as a catalyst in promoting awareness, respect and pride on our customs, traditional and cultural heritage.